Physical Evaluation Board (PEB)

When the MEB makes a medical determination that an injured or sick service member may not return to full duty or when directed to by the service secretary, a completed MEB is referred to the PEB to determine the service member’s fitness to remain on active duty. The PEB will make one of three findings: (1) find the service member fit and return to full duty; (2) find the service member unfit and either medically retire or medically discharge the service member; or (3) authorize permanent limited duty.

Representation at the PEB consists of representation at both the Informal Physical Evaluation Board (IPEB) and Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB), when necessary. The IPEB is the first level of review at the PEB. The PEB, comprised of senior military officers and physicians, reviews the MEB and makes a determination regarding the service member’s fitness. The service member will be notified of the IPEB’s findings. After reviewing the findings, the service member may accept the IPEB’s disposition, appeal the disposition as a matter of right to the Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB), when applicable)), or request an appeal to the FPEB. The FPEB is the second level of review at the PEB. When a FPEB is granted, the service member may appear in person with representation. The service member will be notified of the FPEB’s disposition and can either accept the findings or file a Petition for Relief (PFR). Following a FPEB, when the findings of the PEB become final and the service member has exhausted all of the available options with the PEB, service members who have not yet been discharged or separated, and temporary disability retirement list (TDRL) personnel may PFR. The PFR disposition must be rendered while the service member is still in service or on TDRL. If the PFR is unfavorable to the service member, he may appeal, but most likely has no avenue of appeal until after separating from the military.

Included in PEB representation is reviewing all relevant medical records, documents from the MEB, IPEB notes and decision, Non-medical assessment, personal statements, requesting a VA Rating Reconsideration (VARR) when appropriate, Petitioning for Relief when desired, and personal appearance at the FPEB.

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