I do not live in Oregon, can you represent me?

Yes. Our attorneys represent service members and veterans throughout the United States and internationally. 

Why hire civilian representation?

There are many great military attorneys that represent service members throughout the military’s Disability Evaluation System. However, far too often they are not actively involved in service members’ cases until late in the process. This delay makes attaining a client’s desired outcome more difficult. Further, with so many service members processed through the Disability Evaluation System, many attorneys maintain a heavy caseload and are unable to provide the attention that each case deserves. By maintaining a lighter caseload and involving himself in the process early, our attorneys can ensure your case is presented uniformly, advocates your position consistently from the outset, and provides the earliest opportunities for success.

Many pro bono services are available to service members and veterans. However, the military’s Disability Evaluation System and discharge upgrade laws are complicated. Attorneys who practice in these areas full time are current with the constantly changing laws, rules, regulations, and policies. By retaining those attorneys who practice in these areas on a daily basis, you know you are receiving the best representation available.

Lastly, some cases must be appealed outside the military boards to the courts. By hiring an attorney who can represent you no matter where your case must be appealed to, you maintain report and can ensure your case is evaluated for any possible avenue to success. Representing service members and veterans is often a chess game. Rather than sit back and wait for your opponents move and react, our attorneys can develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals.


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www.pebforum.com is a great resource for service members going thorugh the Disability Evaluation System

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