Medical Evaluation Board

A MEB is a group of at least two physicians at the local Military Treatment Facility (MTF) who review a service member’s medical situation. Generally, after developing the service member’s medical history, the MEB will make one of three findings: (1) return the service member to full duty, (2) place the service member on a period of Limited Duty/Profile, or (3) forward the service member’s case to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). The MEB record will include a summary of the service member’s medical condition(s), limitations, and expected return to duty date (when applicable). The MEB will develop a detailed clinical report and narrative summary.

Representation before the MEB consists of reviewing all relevant military records, medical records, narrative summary, drafting any necessary rebuttals to the MEB report, and requesting an Impartial Medical Review (IMR) when appropriate.

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